There is still no agreed definition for the term coined by Benoit Mandelbrot, but we adopt the term FRACTAL  to refer to all objects that derive from a system of iterated functions, and which could be defined as the non-linear mechanism underlying the dynamic manifestation of any natural phenomenon.

* - ina  (english, - ine) / Latin -ina; orig. of -inus. / Greek -inē.

1. suffix. / Forming femenine nouns that denote sudden violent action.

2. suffix. / Chemistry, indicating those substances related the main meaning of the word.

FRACTALINA arises from a personal purpose, to find and understand the true causes of order and chaos in a life full of non-linear processes, bifurcations, turbulences, vortexes and singularities.

A natural inclination for geometry, a deep fascination for spirals and a special taste for optical illusions and impossible objects, made up the rest of the luggage at the beginning of this long march, the great journey towards the inner infinity.




The web was inaugurated in October 2005 with almost 100 objects distributed in 3 collections: AZOTH, ESPAGIRIA and CITRINITAS, to which more objects were added in the different updates.

For an interactive experience with the user, we opted for FLASH programming for the development of the web. Original design and maximum simplicity for a totally dynamic website without distractions in navigation.

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2005
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2005
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2005-sierpinski

Original FLASH Website Design & Development.

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2005-cit

The website also had an introduction to the world of Fractal Geometry to present this extraordinary and wonderful universe of objects

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2005-fractals


«Stardust» winner of Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007.
You can find this object at «ESPAGIRIA Collection».

In November 2007, the «Benoit Mandelbrot International Fractal Art Competition» was inaugurated in San Sebastian, the most prestigious exhibition of this digital art.

The event was attended by Benoit Mandelbrot as a lecturer and member of the Jury of Honor, whom we had the privilege to meet personally.

Our image «Stardust» was chosen as one of the winners of the contest and was part of the exhibitions scheduled for different cities.

"Do not insist - Watching this video may have side effects".


Meeting Benoit Mandelbrot brought us not only joy but also revolutionary ideas for the creation of new objects and different approaches and objectives for this «new art».

So, in January 2008 we launched a new website publishing new series of fractal objects

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2008
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2008-esp

Original FLASH Website Design & Development.

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2008-azoth


In order to publicize our work with Fractal Geometry and reach more people, we presented in February 2008 the video Fractals and Violins on Youtube and in only 2 months it exceeded 200,000 views.

«Do not insist.
Watching this video may have side effects».

Permanent access to hidden dimensions.

In 2009 we launched a new Fractalina update with new objects.
The user could choose which version to submerge into and dive among almost 300 pure fractals



A new wave of pure fractals arrived in early 2009. The website was also updated with a new design and once again we were leaning towards simplicity and the elimination of superfluous elements for a website with motion effects and completely dynamic.

The visitor could choose between different wrappers for the exploration of FRACTALINA.

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2009
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2009-azothcol
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2009-cit111

Original FLASH Website Design & Development.

arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2009-cit

New objects presented in video and published on the web that were developed on a main idea: the relationship of the mind with the cosmos.

Fractals Objects Collection 2008.


In September of the same year, we presented in the blog for the first time one of the most incredible and mysterious objects of all those we had contemplated; the Mandelbrot Set.

Mandelbrot Set – FRACTALINA

The Mandelbrot Set is the best known and most studied fractal of Fractal Geometry, and its intricate and infinite shapes have been hidden until a few years ago. It has been the advance of computation that allows us to access this object that now literally takes on other dimensions. The Mandelbrot Set is a connected set, a compact and self-contained system, a universe in itself potentially infinite but with very specific rules and behaviors.

A mathematical object that within its static appearance hides a great variety of dynamics and forces and that far from what it may seem have great similarity with our world.

Our artistic version of the Mandelbrot Set is unique in the world and reaching the representation of this object was hardly achievable. The creation of this, our object, does not start from the transformation or deformation of the original and well-known Mandelbrot Set. The definition of the image is given by the number of iterations per point/pixel that distributes the density and structural coloration. To be able to present it with sufficient resolution to access all its complexity with a minimum acceptable noise level has taken years.

But to understand the background of this unique object it would be convenient to know previously another object: the Buddhabrot.


The Buddhabrot is a special way of rendering the Mandelbrot Set. This rendering technique was developed and described in the 90’s and its name was given by the resemblance that the image has with the representations of the Buddha in the Lotus Position.


The interpretation that we can give to these images can lead us to concepts and ideas of religious, philosophical and spiritual character. The sensations they produce confirm the clear perception of the existence of something beyond form.



In May 2012 we started a new stage and synthesized the different versions of the web and the objects of the collections.
New objects were added to the existing ones, Azoth, Espagiria and Citrinitas, and we incorporated a new collection of images belonging to our Mandelbrot Set.
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2012-cit113
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2012-cit
arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2012


arte fractal-web-Fractalina_2012_conjuntomandelbrot

In this new collection we present images of the same mathematical object, on different areas, at different angles and magnification levels, an original and very special piece.

The images of this object correspond to the Mandelbrot Set, the archetype of Fractal Geometry, but from a different development with an inimitable result. Most of the images show the upper part of this incomparable «being» at diverse levels of depth.

An encounter with some of the secrets that our Mandelbrot Set holds and a detail of the wonders we can find in it.

"Life is a Syntropic Act"


We presented a new FRACTALINA website, this time without our beloved designs
developed in FLASH but with greater accessibility from all devices.

We published new renders of objects already presented in previous years and added new images of objects in the collections: Azoth, Espagiria and Citrinitas. and Mandelbrot Set as well as inaugurating a new collection: Syntropy.






We published a new collection of original fractal objects under the name of Syntropy.
New forms of spontaneous organization with the Sphere as the main object, beyond content and form: layers to cross to reach the always unreachable Center. Spheres, toroids and vessicas, Intuition and the accelerated vibration of resonant Syntropy.

Life is a Syntropic Act.



We publish new and extraordinary objects in the collection Syntropy, which we have divided into two sections, in addition to presenting 2 new collections of unpublished objects: Monsters and Synchrony.

The first one, a small group of peculiar «entities» that induce strange vibrations, and that we have been finding in the last few years of fractal creation.

The Synchrony Collection on the contrary hides and contains the highest essence of FRACTALINA, the most beautiful CHAOS frequencies ever imagined.


We release our geometric objects for sale through Museum Quality Limited Edition Prints, Backlit LED Frames and Boxes in limited edition of 10 reproductions per image, and digital tokens in exclusive and unique versions as NFTs.

For more information visit our SHOP.

backlit led frames and boxes, cuadros retro-iluminados_fractales

"Shine On"



The most complete and dazzling collection of fractal objects in the multiverse.


The viewing of these images can propitiate perceptual, emotional, mental and psychological effects.