Here are some questions that will help you to solve your doubts.

FRACTALINA custom manufactures its Backlit Frames according to the customer’s needs and wishes. Special formats such as Circles or Rounded Corners are available in a series of standard sizes.
Contact us for more possibilities.

Currently you can choose from more than 250 objects; practically all FRACTALINA objects are available, except for the following:
Azoth_016, Azoth_023, Espagiria_037, Espagiria_061, Syntropy_072, Monsters_011.

The manufacturer designs the light boxes always taking into account the lighting quality and consumption, which varies depending on the size and format.
To know the consumption of a specific size, please contact us.

Frames are available in several standard finishes: white, black and anodized, as well as other customized finishes depending on the format.
Contact us to know in detail the different options.

We have a wide range of wall brackets, suspension systems, as well as bases and self-supporting feet. All our accessories provide maximum support and stability.

The printing machines use inks free of volatile organic compounds and all inks that are used comply with the European REACH and US TSCA regulations for the regulation of chemical products.
UV inks – Green Guard Gold.
Water-based inks – Oeko-Tex 100.

Our light boxes are available with 1 or 3 meter wiring options and in white or black color. There is also the possibility of including custom wiring to meet the requirements of each project.

Yes, we will study in detail the need and adapt as much as possible the desired object with the design of the product to fit the needs of each client.

Yes, but only buyers or holders of formats with interchangeable fabrics can purchase FRACTALINA fabrics separately.

Our Backlit boxes and textile frames are designed for easy, fast assembly without the need for tools or specialized labor. The locking system, patented by our manufacturer, will allow you to save time when assembling and disassembling your frame.

Our Backlit Frames and Boxes are individually packed in wooden crates, ensuring their integrity, according to destination, format and use desired by the customer.

Our «Limited Prints» are shipped rolled in high hardness cardboard tube, to all destinations.
The «Limited Prints» with Wooden Frames with Glass are only sent to the Iberian Peninsula.

All products are developed, manufactured and printed in our suppliers’ own facilities in Spain.

From ‘Silicone Edge Graphics’, SEG is the printed fabric system that uses silicone profiles for easy and fast exchange of images on aluminum frames.


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